Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A rose is a rose is a FLOWER

I chose not to use my name on my blog. Because my name is unusual, and I have yet to meet anyone with it, so that means that if you google me, you will be SURE to find me. I use is my MIDDLE name. When I started writing, I told no one, and I didn’t post pictures of my face. I used my blog to say whatever I wanted – still do – but because I didn’t want to hurt feelings, I went undercover (see what I did there? UNDERCOVERMAMA? yes, my wit astounds even me sometimes). That way if I called a friend’s husband an asshole (and I have), the friend & I could still be friends, and I could feel better knowing that I’ve at least said it here, in what I consider my safe place, instead of one day blowing up and going off because I held it in because I couldn’t bite my tongue anymore.

I have written about my life here, and you have commented, and commiserated and you don’t even seem to mind that I am clearly ridiculous and slightly crazy. You like me, you really like me (sorry, I can never resist that line).

The lines got blurry. I went to a tweetup. I introduced myself as the name I actually go by, because really? Even though there is nothing wrong with Lynette, I only answer to my name (or Bitch…but that’s only if it’s a voice I recognize LOL). Then I added some of my twitter/blogger friends to my facebook (P.S. don’t ever EVER mention my blog there or I will hunt you down and spank you… and not the good kind of spanking either). I went to the Vegas Birthday Bash*. If I let you grab/graffiti my boobs, we should at least be on first name basis, don't you think? What started out as what some of my friends called “my invisible friends” became more solid… more real.

My blog became a more intergrated part of my life. The distinction I made between MY LIFE and MYUNDERCOVERLIFE grows thin because some of you have crossed over. There are IRL friends that read my blog. I actually make plans to meet up with by blogger/twitter friends (February? Do you think we could schedule bowling in FEBRUARY? That give everybody enough time to make arrangments for bowling?) My IRL friends and my invisible friends are just friends here. I love them just the same.

As for me? I'm just the same as I ever was. I'm undercovermama, I'm Briya Lynette. I'm just me.

*Vegas Birthday Bash pictures coming soon. REALLY.


JustOneMiss said...

I keep my blog off my facebook too. Don't need the fam all up in there.

And I think your name is beautiful, even if I was confused. LOL

Anonymous said...

Big step! I love all your names. Hey Bitch is my name too sometimes! LOL Hugs T.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!