Friday, October 30, 2009

Still here

Neither of my children look like me. When I had The Boy, I said in disgust, he looks just like his damn daddy. And I was bitter, because really? I spent 7 of 9 months hugging the toilet. I couldn’t keep ANYTHING down. And he shows up looking like his daddy spit him out. At least I can take comfort in the fact that he thinks like his mama.

And The Brat, well…it took me some time to figure out what side of the family she took after. She had her daddy’s eyes for sure, but I just couldn’t say because like The Boy, she had my mannerisms, but not my face. I’d say she was the milkman’s kid, but you know… I was there, and I’m SURE I wasn’t banging the milkman. And one day it hit me. I went to go pick her up from her GranGran’s house, and she was holding her hand and looking up at me, and OMG! SHE LOOKS JUST LIKE HER. Which is kind of funny, because I always said that The Man looks like his Mama. And he does. From the tip of his eyelashes to the dip in his lip. It just never occurred to me that it just came full circle and The Brat who looks like her Daddy, looks just like her Gran-Gran.

The Brat loved her Gran-Gran so much. She pretty much went wherever she went. She went to church – her too. She went shopping – “gran-gran please come take me with you”. She was her favorite grandma…as my mom called her “the real grandmother”. Because she never went anywhere without her grand-daughters. They always wanted to go visit, spend school vacations “helping” in the daycare (although, I don’t know how much help 6 & 7 year olds can be), they even went with her on Black Friday – while I stayed in bed with a food hangover.

The Brat’s birthday was a few weeks ago. And I took this picture of her & posted it to my facebook. When I went back to look at the picture, it was never more clear as she’s losing the baby fat and starting to look more like a young adult than mommy’s baby that she looks like her grandma. Down to the hips, which I KNOW she didn’t get from me.

We lost her Gran-Gran to breast cancer 2 years ago today. She's gone, and I still miss her so much. But I look into the faces of my family and I see her looking back at me.

She is still here.


JustMiss said...

I completely hear you on this. There are traces of my grandpa in my son that my mom and grandma see (one is the BIG ears and LONG legs). I never met my grandpa but it brings me comfort that he lives on in us.

Anonymous said...

She has May's Heart too!