Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What didn't I do in Vegas

So this weekend I was in Vegas. Along with a bajillion other people, mostly cops. This weekend was Baker to Vegas weekend. That would be when every law enforcement agency in California gets all competitive and has a race from Baker, California to Las Vegas to see who’s really badass. So if you were inclined to do something illegal, that was probably the time. NOT that I would recommend that. But they had to be short staffed is all I’m sayin’.

Moving on…I stayed at the Luxor. Which is my favorite hotel in Vegas. (Do you think if I mention that I puffy heart & rainbows the Luxor enough times, they will hook me up with a free stay?) I got a good deal on my room AND I talked them into putting our rooms together…and more importantly we were close to the elevator. Which is always good ‘cause hello? I’m going to be drinking. I don’t wanna walk far.

My whole plan was to twitter while I was there in Vegas, but yeah. I was drinking. So… so much for THAT plan.

I was also going to meet up with my cousin & his wife while I was there since apparently HE was there for the weekend too. Heh. Didn’t do that either.

And then? Meet up with an old co-worker who now LIVES in Vegas. Nope.com (Sensing a trend anybody?)

Got a ticket to do one of those surveys where they make you watch TV for ½ hour and then try to see if you remember any of the commercials..Didn’t make time for that either.

I DID however go to a place call Tacos & Tequila in the Luxor, where I had breakfast AND margaritas, and got to listen to a pretty awesome Mariachi Band that took requests. You know I had two: Mariachi Loco! an Por tu maldita amor (the most awesome song ever, and I dare you to say different)

I DIDN’T take pictures however. Because I’ve been too lazy to go shopping for a digital camera. But somebody did. Maybe they’ll get around to sending me some. Maybe I’ll have picture that I won’t be embarrassed to post. Psht. Who am I kidding..? I don’t have any shame.

Good times had by all. And I’m doing it again in a few months. wh00t!

By the way....I also didn’t drink free for 2 nights straight because cops love to buy pretty girls drinks OR get back in my room as people were getting up for breakfast OR flirt uncontrollably OR have the biggest breakfast ever and then start having jello shots because no matter how full you are, turns out there’s always room for jello.


Anonymous said...

What can be said. You are so cute.

Aimeepalooza said...

Oh, I need to go to Vegas with you sometime!
Ya, so maybe your favorite hotel would like to host two drunky bloggers and have them blog about it???

Miss said...

Seriously? I am the same way in Vegas. Which is why I now go with NO plans at all. Just make it up as I go along, that way I cant feel guilty for forgetting stuff. Because I was too drunk.

kaila said...

"Always room for jello shots"


angel said...

It sounds fargin awesome... can I come next time please please pleeeeeeeeease!!

Lump said...

I was hoping for some drunk twittering. but I'm so jealous you were in vegas!! :(

raino said...

fun times! woo yoo

Beck said...

I was in Vegas last weekend too! Stayed at Wynn though, however we did have dinner at Cathouse in Luxor! And I must say this weekend was the MOST crowded I have EVER seen Vegas! Sucked!