Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Groundhog Day

And here I was thinking it was in February.

But it's not. Today, I am the official owner of a hot pink cast, and damn is it cute. I am also the owner of one MONTH off of work. Let Groundhog's Day begin! Or, as one of my favorite bands sings "everyday is EXACTLY the same". (Can anybody name that Band?)

Maybe not EXACTLY the same. I can move from my bed to sitting on my couch. Or even go sit outside in my hammock. I jest. Mostly. I've actually got plans to go the bowling alley on Friday. For reals (one of my favorite things to say, even though I know it sounds ghetto. It's up there with "right now, right now" and "huh?" -that one drives The Man bonkers). Anyhow, I was invited, so I'm going. I may not bowl, but the bowling alley has a fantastic bar. So I can sit there, with a drink in my hand.

Then I guess since I am NOT working these days, I am going to catch up on some movies. On my list of things to see: Wanted, Get Smart, Wall-E, Hancock, The Mummy III, The Dark Knight, annnnd Mamma Mia! (I LOVE Musicals!). So I can sit in the movie theatre, with some popping corn.

And tomorrow, I've got a hair appointment and I'm going for a pedicure (can I get 1/2 off?). So I guess I'll be sitting there too.

I'll be sitting here and there
I guess I can sit most anywhere
I'll sit close and I'll sit far
As long as somebody else drives the car

I'll sit at nail shops and when I'm done
I'll sit and get my hairdo done
I'll sit in clubs and then I'll flirt
The only place I won't sit is at work...

Okay, maybe everyday won't be EXACTLY the same. But they will have one thing in common: Me. Sitting on my ass. Wherever I end up. I'll be like The Bathtub Gangsta
except I will sitting around with my foot up in all my pictures.

Maybe when I go to the Salon, I'll throw in the bikini wax. I may as well put these prescription drugs to good use. My foot will still be up in the air, but at least I'll be in a different position.


Katie Says said...

ooooh that's Nine Inch Nails! ;)

one MONTH off from work?? LUCKY. Use that time wisely. ;) haha.

and please tell me how Mamma Mia turns out. I'm really debating if I want to see it.

Jen said...

We just saw Wanted this weekend. If you like really absurd action movies where people should be dead in each scene but somehow miraculously live then you will love this movie. Oh and if you think James McAvoy is hot then you will tolerate this movie just to spend a couple of hours with his beautiful face. Otherwise, skip it.

Auds at Barking Mad said...

So sorry to hear about the owie! Wow.

I too have an eighteen year old so I had to laugh (and hard at that!) at your sidebar synopsis!

Am enjoying your writing and look forward to coming back again. Thanks for stopping by Casa Barking Mad. Hope you drop in again.