Friday, May 23, 2008

Random Ridiculousness

I am a working, single-ISH, Mom. I used to work because I like to contribute financially to our silly little partnership, now I do it because I still like to contribute, but also my love of crazy expensive high heels is financially irresponsible on his salary, and raising kids in California is not cheap. I say single-ISH because even though I am married, his participation depends on his location. It's amazingly hard to give your wife a break and let her go to the movies WITHOUT the brats if you are off playing in some sandbox on the other side of the world.

I have nothing but respect for Moms who have to do it alone ALL OF THE TIME. You have to be strong & independent, because your brats need you. And unless you are independently wealthy, you also have to work. How else are you going to feed those brats, and put a roof over your head? You have to do it all and be it all.

And stay-at-home Moms? You are amazing. You are the Mom I wish I could be. There to teach them and watch them grow into independent little people (who then grow into TEENAGERS ...but that's a whole other bucket of fish). You are there when they get home from school, there for after school stuff -- volleyball, softball, dance. You are the one other Moms call for carpool duty. You may not work OUTSIDE of the home, but don't get it twisted..and don't let anybody else twist it either: You home. 

What is my point, you ask? WHERE, you say... is my ridiculousness-ness? Read on. 

Today, after I drove across town, as I do EVERY school day to take my brat to school. I was thinking about how if I won the Lottery, I would move closer to where the brat goes to school and be a stay at home mom. Okay, maybe not a stay COMPLETELY at home Mom... but I would be home before she was every day. I would like being able to know that I could be there if she needed me, and not be overly concerned about losing my job for one more sick day type bullshit. I get to work wishing I could get off early for the Memorial Day Holiday weekend, clock in and check my email.

Co-Worker (Male): My daughter got caught in the rain yesterday and had a fever all night long. I'm going to stay home & take care of her. I know it seems fishy because of the long weekend, but the one thing that I don't play around with is my daughters health.

Boss' email: So can you cover him today in Mr. Big Fancy Doctor's office?

MY email: I guess.

my inside thought: Hey...his wife is a stay-at-home Mom. I think he just guilt tripped his boss so that he can enjoy his stolen EXTRA long weekend. JERK. 

Happy Memorial Day. To All of my Military Friends: I love you all. For every sacrifice that you've made, and every deployment you've done. Thank you.

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